"One Stooge short of a comedy classic!"

Compton & Bennett make people laugh…on purpose. 

The two of them, Rick and Betsy, live and work in a world of music, words and humor.
They travel the country performing their own works in theatres and performing arts centers in dozens of locations each year.

And each year, community and regional theatrical troupes perform C&B's comedies for thousands of their own patrons.

For Rick & Betsy, there is no better life, no higher calling.

They boast, "We may be the luckiest people in the world."

Meet the residents of Pelican Roost, the party school of retirement communities, where 70-something is the new 20-something…only with looser skin.

The Pelican Roosters deck their halls, spin their dreidels and roast their chestnuts in celebration of another year of no alarm clocks, no pregnancies and plenty of government-subsidized pharmaceuticals.

Current Productions
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Current Productions
"One Stooge short of a comedy classic!"

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