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A Cracker At The Ritz
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It's The Dawn of Cracker!
It's The Dawn of Cracker!

Earlene - the Queen of the Florida Crackers

Her family has been here for four generations, and each generation has prospered on everything from cattle to condos.

Don't confuse Earlene's Cracker with the cultural slur.
She and her Cracker ancestors are proud of their heritage.

"Who do you think sold Disney World to Disney?"

A Cracker at The Ritz is a 75-minute satirical roasting of all things Florida in song and sketch comedy. Songs include "Snowbird Come (and He Won't Go Home)", "Swampland Scam" and "Migrant Worker Man".

"Red Tide and Dead Water" lists the mother lode of chemicals in the water run-off. There is a Realtor's solution to ocean rise. And John Morgan shows up with a lawsuit that's sure to suit everyone.
Earlene is accompanied by
The Amazing Ricardo!

Singer, actor, comedian....
this musician  does it all!
A Cracker at The Ritz debuts as a special presentation of the Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs's "Just for Laughs" comedy series Friday, August 12 at 7:30.  at The Moe Auditorium and Film Center  on the Bonita Beach Road campus.

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