Pastel Pavement Pictures For Everyone
Beginner Through Pros

Innovative, Clever... Awesome!, June 8, 2009
By Jill Tamari (New York City)
Great concept! My kids LOVE this book! It includes tips and tricks for those who are less artistically inclined (like myself!) as well as elaborate blueprints for those who are prepared to create masterpieces right on their own driveways. I love how creative my kids become when armed with nothing more than a piece of chalk and this little handbook. A GREAT book -- I recommend it to all! It's the PERFECT summertime gift, too!

3-D techniques revealed!

Activities for kids and
for professional artists.

Complete with a set of the same pastels the pros use.

A perfect gift!
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Hey There ! Got my new book & it even comes with chalk !

The Essential Street Painter at Simon & Schuster
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