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Can you handle a day at the fleamarket?

The vendors here at this Flea Market put the fun in dysfunction. Part carnie, part clerk, and all heart, they convolute their way through life with answers that can't work but somehow do. Like hairdresser Earlene, whose wigs are "100% locally grown … I swept up every strand myself", Ariel, who is there because of an itinerant mime and a PA announcer who turns adversities into ads.

Chris Silk of the Naples Daily News said he laughed so hard, he snorted his drink out of his nose. Florida Weekly calls it "brilliant buffoonery." Actual flea market vendors have roared, and then looked around with chagrin, as they recognize themselves.   

Whether you've been to flea market or not, "FleaBitten" shows the sordid, silly side of what really goes on behind the bargains.