Grandma's Christmas Goose!

Greed, glowing lips and goose-induced fatalities are three sure signs that Compton & Bennett are home for the holidays.

Grandma's Christmas Goose is a tribute to the excess, duress and unfulfilled desires that simmer within us all at this time of year. It is no Silent Night when Rick and Betsy suggest donated organs as stocking stuffers. They'll Deck The Halls with marital discord in an a capella counterpoint. And they will beg, "Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas, Grandma."

In one sketch, a New York doyen explains to her rabbi why leap year is better for a fundraiser. In another, a young boy yearns unrequited, year-after-year, for the same forbidden gift.

The show features original songs and sketches, some parodies and a couple of tunes from each of C&B's national touring shows Assisted Living: The Musical and FleaBitten: Good Buys Gone Bad.

copyright compton & bennett inc. 2008
All rights reserved