Welcome to THE HOME For The Holidays!

Those wacky residents from Pelican Roost are back and celebrating the holidays in their own
inimitable style.

The Doctor and Nurse are hawking pills for everything!

A roue' gets lost on an amourous encounter.

Naomi Lipschitz-Yamamoto-Murphy tells us how she met all of her husbands, and how she plans to find the next one.

You will hear songs about "The Annual Pelican Roost Holiday Golf Cart Parade", "The Motorized WalMart Shopping Scooter", "The Peril of The Bells", and of course,  the "Uplifting Holiday Medley".

Join us for this seasonal show! Ask Santa today!

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All rights reserved
          November 30 & Dec 1
Milton, DE - The Milton Theatre
                           110 Union Street, Milton, DE 199686
                      call - 302--684-3038