In 1995, Compton & Bennett became a full-time creative partnership because
a.    it sounded fun
b.    there's no urine test
c.     no one else would hire them anyway.

While all of these may be true, Rick and Betsy had just finished a run of They're Playin' Our Song, a two-person musical, at the Naples Players. Although they'd been in shows together before - she in casts, he in pits - they'd never sung together, or performed the quick-fire comedy called for in a Neil Simon script.

The partnership seemed to work, so they stuck it out. They started performing jazz standards, but neither could leave the lyrics alone. "Mona Lisa" became a song about pizza. "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" metastasized into a song about skin cancer. And every break was an opportunity to poke a sharp joke into the soft underbelly of Southwest Florida politics.  

More than a dozen original stage musicals ensued, each with a larger band, and even larger casts. Each tarred regional politicians and social pomposities with a broad, satirical brush. There was Trouble in Paradise, A Cracker at The Ritz, and How to Succeed in Naples Without Really Trying. Their Fakespeare effort Much Ado About Naples is among their personal favorites.

In 2010, Betsy and Rick created Assisted Living: The Musical®, their first show with national appeal. Since then, it's enjoyed hundreds of performances around the country, in theatres and performing arts centers (click here to see where they've performed), both by the authors and as a published, licensed show by professional and community theatre troupes.

In 2017, it was followed with THE HOME…for the holidays. Other shows in the Assisted Living pipeline include The Sinkhole That Ate Pelican Roost, The Great Canadian Drug Run, and The Haunting of Pelican Roost.

Both Rick and Betsy are members of The Dramatists Guild.
It, too, does not require a urine test.

Compton & Bennett, Inc. is a Florida Corporation. Copyright 2018.  Assisted Living: The Musical is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.
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