See how the OLDER half lives!
See how the OLDER half lives!
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Sept 28 &  29 - The Milton Theatre - 3 shows
        110 Union St - Milton, DE 19968  - call 302-684-3038
We'll see ya at The Roost!
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Welcome to Pelican Roost. It's the party school of retirement communities, where 70-something is the new 20-something...with looser skin.
Songs include:
     Help! I've Fallen (For You) And I Can't Get Up!
       The Uplifting Viagra Medley
         Vernon's Burnin' Passion
           I Got The Lost-My-Dentures-On-Steak-Night Blues
             My Hide
                               ...and many more!
You'll meet Naomi Lipschitz-Yamamoto-Murphy, Realtor®, whose clients always seem interested in more than just a new condo.

There's Nicholas Dent, the 93-year old driver whose misunderstands the term "drive thru window".

There's Ben Younger, the retired Catskills comedian. He's been in love with same woman for 43 years. If his wife ever finds out, he's a dead man.

And there are 15 more of these Pelican Roosters in this show.

All the characters are played by two actors…but not at the same time. There are no sad songs, no Depends
® jokes, and no f-bombs. Nothing but 80-minutes of songs, sketches and non-stop laughs.

Sept 22 - Jay & Linda Grunin Center for the Arts - 2 shows
         1 College Dr. - Toms River, NJ 08754 - call 732-255-0500
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January 10-13 - Scottsdale Performing Arts Center - Stage 2
         7380 E 2nd Street - Scottsdale, AZ 85251 - call 480-499-8587
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About Compton & Bennett
Assisted Living: The Musical®

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Our Venues
Oct 20 - Mount Dora Community Center - 2 shows
E 6th Ave - Mt Dora, FL 32757 - call 352-383-2165
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January 26 - The Ormond Beach PAC - 2 shows
        399 US-1 - Ormond Beach, FL 32174 - call 386-676-3375