Naples Daily News
June 17, 2005
Satire that hits home
Comedic duo's new act explains "How to Succeed in Naples Without Really Trying"

The comedic duo, who've skewered Naples over the past decade with their musical skits and satire, have created a new show for the summer: "How to Succeed in Naples Without Really Trying!"
It plays Fridays and Saturdays at the theater at the new Norris Community Center in Cambier Park before moving to the English Pub for Saturdays in July.

"Success in Naples depends upon where you are in the Naples evolution," says Compton, "from your first days as a tourist to your last days in an assisted living facility. Success in each one of these 17 or 18 different situations depends upon that particular situation. In an assisted living situation, it depends upon your supply of Viagra. Success for tourists, on the other end of the scale, depends upon your ability to effectively ask and interpret directions, whether they be from a Realtor, a Mexican gardener, or a little old lady.

"How to Succeed in Naples Without Really Trying!" is quick-moving and uses minimal props: hats, aprons, a mop or a feather duster. During a recent rehearsal, Compton and Bennett and crew ran through the entire show from beginning to end, changing character just by changing a jacket or a pair of eyeglasses.

"Some people might take great offense (to our show)," Compton says. "That's what separates us from other acts in town. We do name names; we are specific."

If some audience members choose to take offense, well, Compton and Bennett say, they were offended by the circumstances or subject first - that's why they wrote a song about it.

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